Presentation Coaching

Media Coaching for On-Camera presentations

If you are feeling unprepared, anxious or overwhelmed about an upcoming live or video presentation, this coaching is for you.

In this session, we will simulate your presentation by breaking it down into manageable sections and shooting multiple takes on-camera in a professional studio. Using positive critique the goal is to refine, invigorate and empower your performance and use video playback to measure concrete results.

Objectives include:

Finding your unique and authentic speaking voice

Using clear energized speech

Discovering intent and purpose

Connecting with your audience

Employing movement and body language

Reducing fears and learning to relax, breathe and focus

Positive visualization and building confidence

Using stage fright anxiety

Highlighting strengths and identifying weaknesses

Structuring your thoughts to bring increased focus to your message

Engaging the audience (or the camera) by improvising and speaking from the heart

Persuading without overselling

Accent and dialect reduction