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What is a wedding? Simply put, it is a celebration of love. I believe your wedding ceremony should be the most special day of your life. It should reflect the unique nature of your relationship and make you feel like this day was exclusively custom made for you. As you stand at the altar in front of family and friends, you’ll want the ceremony to be both meaningful and unique to your story as a couple past and future.

I have attended so many weddings where the officiant clearly had no relationship with the couple and made no attempt to personalize the service. Those weddings become a function, they come off as detached, cool and dispassionate where the focus is more on ancient ritual rather than the trajectory of your specific love story.

My approach is to sit down with each couple and discover what makes your romance unique and extraordinary and from that point construct, compose and collaborate on a ceremony that reflects your true love and commitment. As a non-denominational interfaith minister based in New York, it has been my pleasure and privilege to unite couples from The Hudson Valley to the Redwood Groves of Northern California since 1998.

Feel free to contact me if you are in the New York area. I’d love to help make your wedding as memorable and stress free as possible.