Commercial Casting Classes – An Insider’s Guide to Nailing An Audition

Want to get the callback?  Want to book the job?

Learn the tools and techniques that will give YOU the advantage in your commercial audition…and have fun doing it!

What makes my class different?

Most audition classes are taught by talented, experienced actors, who have booked  lots of commercials. They have a distinct point of view, which has worked for them and can be very helpful.

Here’s the difference – I see 50-100 actors a day. I see the big picture from the inside. I’m the person you meet when you audition. If you can get through me, you’re halfway there. I know specifically what the directors and ad agencies need from the time the spot awards to weeks later when it books.  My 20 years of “in the trenches” casting experience will enhance and sharpen your audition technique and get you that much closer to a booking. It will give you the edge!

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